should everyone meditate?

meditation podcast: should everyone meditate?

Just getting started with meditation? Read this first if you are unsure about how to sit or what meditation is all about 🙂

Today’s Meditation Q: should everyone meditate?

music by hooksounds

Meditation podcast includes (in order):

  1. 3 min Q+A: should everyone meditate?
  2. 2 min breath observation
  3. 2 min alternate nostril breathing (watch how to video)
  4. 15 min guided meditation practice *
Got a question of your own?

Send it my way! You can email me directly at yoga @ or sign up for a free intro assessment via video chat if you want to go in a little deeper.

If you enjoyed this podcast, please share with friends + family! Handy-dandy sharing buttons are below, because a daily meditation habit is an amazing gift.

And thank YOU for meditating with me –it truly is a joy for me to share!

Shanti om, esther

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