how long should I meditate for?

meditation podcast: how long should I meditate for?

Just getting started with meditation? Read this first if you are unsure about how to sit or what meditation is all about 🙂

Jan 24 2018: how long should I meditate for?

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Meditation podcast includes (in order):

  1. 5 min Q+A: How long should I meditate for?
  2. 3 min breath observation
  3. 3 min alternate nostril breathing (watch how to video)
  4. 22 min guided meditation practice *

* Part of the guided meditation is a “re-grounding” process. Today I led a longer re-grounding (it’s about 8 minutes), including a few more words than usual to guide you in bringing the experience of your meditation into your day. Along with some English, I spoke a few mantras in Sanskrit, the meaning of which I basically covered with my preceding English words.

I’ll talk more about the more “ancient” tools and aspects of my meditation practice over the course of future episodes, so if you’re interested, keep an ear out for that!

Or, as always, reach out with your questions! You can email me directly at yoga @ or sign up for a free intro assessment via video chat if you want to go in a little deeper.

If you enjoyed this practice, please share with friends + family! A daily meditation habit is an amazing gift.

And thank YOU for meditating with me –it truly is a joy for me to share!

Shanti om, esther

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