Love Your Moves ❤️ Move Beyond Pain

Have you recently stopped moving because you wanted to stop being in pain?

Or have you been afraid to start moving because of an old injury?

I can help you get moving again!

I can’t magically fix injuries, but I can teach you how to be mindful of pain and fear in movement and help you return to doing what you love!

About the Course

In this course, I will teach you how to

* pay attention to what hurts,
* figure out what it’s telling you, and
* determine what will help + what might be hurting you more.

Over three months I will teach you how to safely attend classes you love without fearing you will have to do more than you’re able to!

The format: Eight session personalized movement course… since it’s a course, you can expect a wee bit o’ homework!
The pace: Weekly or biweekly, as it suits you. Sessions are 90 minutes.
The time: Class times are scheduled individually, so find the perfect 90 minutes to set aside for yourself + let’s do this!


Ready to start your personalized “Love Your Moves” course? Hurrah!

The next round of LYM sessions start in September 2019.

To apply and secure a spot now, please schedule an initial 15 minute phone chat below!

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