Yoga helps you restore energetic balance

The key to yoga’s effectiveness is in figuring out which practices will balance you on any given day, in any given moment. “Balance” is what let’s you feel focused without feeling stressed, joyful without feeling indulgent, rested without feeling sluggish –clear and ready for anything you want to do.

Yoga looks at you and works from where you are

Well, yoga doesn’t do much of anything until YOU do. When you learn how to add just a few key observations and tools to your day, you will start to recognize “where you are” in your life and what needs balancing–what you need less of, what you need more of, what you just need to learn to be ok with.

Yoga keeps your body strong + supple

Yoga asana (physical practice) goes way beyond pretzel poses. You’ll learn to be aware of different sensations in your body, and learn how to identify what’s ok and what’s not. If you study with me, you’ll discover I draw on several approaches (from restorative yoga to strength training) to help you build a daily practice that cultivates awareness and keeps you healthy and fit.

Yoga helps you relax + restore

You’ll learn how to tap into practices that make your rest periods –like sleep or your downtime during a meal– that much more restorative. This isn’t as simple as it might first appear, but if you can be patient with yourself, you can make a habit out of having more energy!

Yoga brings attention to the breath

Why is the breath so important? I could give you a full-on lecture about it, but suffice to say that the breath can be key to tapping into what’s going on with you at any moment. Learn to notice the breath, and you’ll learn to notice yourself. Awareness is the first step to creating clarity and to changes you wish to see.

Yoga guides you into a daily meditation practice

Getting clear and comfortable with yourself doesn’t need to start with a clear mind –exercise can refresh your thoughts and help you see clearly, right? Sometimes, though, it’s nice to be able to just sit down and work your way to some quiet without having to break a sweat. I’m a fan of having both approaches in your toolkit. If you study with me, you’ll learn modern adaptations of ancient but accessible techniques that I learned from my teachers at ISHTA Yoga.

Whatever avenue you explore, try meditation sooner rather than later. And here’s a tip from me: meditation is not clearing your thoughts. Meditation is the repetitious attempt to clear your thoughts (and the being ok with whatever happens).

Yoga shifts with the changes in your life

Just as you grow and change, so will your practice. Curious to know how it will change? Unfortunately, I can’t tell you. You gotta discover that one for yourself.

Ready to try?

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Uneasy About Meditation?

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