FREE Yoga Solution Sessions

Movement Q+As are my thing.

Whether the issue is little aches here and there, feeling like you don’t fit in at the gym, or the hassle of prioritizing wellness over letting yourself off the hook, I’ve tackled them all.

And the first thing my students learn with me is how to ask for help.

Because in our time of “self-care” this and “do-it-yourself” that, it can be a lot to follow through on everything, all by yourself. Everyone needs a helper! Even the professionals! (Hand raised high over here.)

I’ve been in that place where nothing I struggled with seemed to change. Not because I wasn’t trying, but because I didn’t know I could ask for help. It took years before I stumbled into that. Literally, I tripped over myself so many times in the process of learning how to ask for help.

But that doesn’t need to be you!

Ask your questions

I want you to step gracefully up to the plate and proudly declare:

I have a question! OR

I have a confusion! OR

I have a wish!

With your pronouncement made, it’s time for your Yoga Solution Session!

It’s entirely FREE. Just you and me for fifteen minutes talking it out.

Here are some things that we can talk about:

  • Fitting it all in: exercise, meditation, and more
  • Is yoga right for __________ (fill in your objective)?
  • How can I learn to meditate?
  • Should I stop doing _______, if I have pain ________?

Or WHATEVER you want to ask about.

I will tackle your question, help you create some clarity, and set you up to take one step in the direction of wish-fulfillment!

I give away only 8 sessions each month. If you’ve got a question or curiosity to discuss, get in there and schedule a time while they’re still open.

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Uneasy About Meditation?

well, then... let's get you comfortable!