bring a little sat yam into your day – episode 142


What’s this episode about?
The “sat yam” of sat yam kriya.

What’s sat yam kriya again?
A specific meditation practice. I describe the steps of the technique in the episode.

Can you tell me more now?
Okey dokey! Here’s one key bit:

The practice uses the mantra “sat yam”.

And today, to help me process an emotional morning, I’m tapping into the meaning inside the Sanskrit words:
* sat = truth/fact
* yam = emotional reality

What can I do with that?
That is what you were gonna ask, right?! Cuz that’s what I cover in the episode 😉

I describe how to do the meditation practice PLUS suggest a short emotion observation practice you can do anywhere, anytime, just by choosing to.

I hope you’ll give it a listen!

Listen to “Ep. 142 – How to bring a little “sat yam” into your day!” on Spreaker.

Ready to practice the meditation? Here it is:

Listen to “Ep. 143 Sat Yam Kriya Meditation Practice” on Spreaker.

I’d love to hear about your experience — and help out with any questions you have.

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Tell me about your experience with sat yam!


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