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I think about yoga almost all the time. Even when I’m “not doing yoga,” I’m thinking about how what I’m doing is not yogic. Such is the nature of my brain (obsessive and inquisitive).

I forget that most people probably don’t do this. And sometimes I refer to elements of yoga – how we practice, how we notice, how we live – while forgetting that I’m leaving a number of things about yoga unsaid. Too often, I assume knowledge where there is no basis for the assumption.

And then I thought, hey, why not unpack my yoga brain so you can see too?

So that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to share here examples of what yoga looks like in my daily living. Sometimes, it’ll be yoga on the mat, sometimes, off the mat. Sometimes it will be yoga we’re all likely to recognize as such, sometimes it won’t. Or who knows what it will look like? Yoga is everywhere, my friends!

I’m starting today, and so I’ve been kinda hyper aware all day, constantly thinking “is this my daily yoga?” and never really being satisfied with the example.

I’m a bit of a drama queen when it comes to sharing stuff. It needs to feel like “wow” for me to want to share it. Today didn’t have any story-worthy wow moments. Or maybe it did and I’m still nervous about sharing any of them.

Admitting that to you, that, for me, takes effort. It takes a moment –even if it is a really small one– of admitting to myself that that’s what’s at play (this is such a big deal for me, that I had three different sentences crafted prior with different explanations –each far more complicated and convoluted). But at the end of the day, as I try to face myself honestly (svadhyaya), sharing the juicy yoga happenings from my day challenges me because I fear I am giving away too much.

I have never liked to share (just ask my family). But here I am, trying anyway.

That’s my daily yoga how: how yoga fits in to my life every single day.

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