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new to meditation?

I'd love to welcome you —with the Everyday Meditation Comfort Guide!
Perhaps you're wondering:

What is meditation? Do you have to sit a certain way? Can anyone learn to do it? Do I have to do it every day?

Like all of us, the answers are complex -- but not so complex we can't tackle some of them.

For example, my "generic" + short answers to the above are "meditation is focused attention", "no, you don't need to sit a certain way", "yes, anyone can learn to do it", and "no, you don't have to practice everyday for it to be worthwhile".

I go into some depth exploring these and other questions inside the Everyday Meditation Comfort Guide. If you like the idea of trying meditation and would like more information first, then this guide may help!

What made meditation doable for me was a little context and an invitation to get comfortable (which for me meant permission to not worry about the outcome, but just do the practice). I'd love for you, too, to feel at home with meditation – at ease enough to proclaim “Woohoo! Let’s do this!”

That's why this Comfort Guide is full of answers to common questions, context for the "answers," and permission to enter where you're ready.

Want to know more?

Read on for what you'll find in the Everyday Meditation Comfort Guide.

it's a welcome book for everyone

The Everyday Meditation Comfort Guide is a straightforward introduction to getting comfortable with meditation.


I'll walk you through some common notions about meditation, set aside a few myths, and offer the ways I've found to get onboard with the idea and practice of meditation.


If you take the sitting part of seated meditation for granted, your body may end up complaining. I've included videos demonstrating some ways to get comfortable.


Finding a comfortable seat is just one way to prepare for meditation. You may also want to get your space ready, move your body, and more. Suggestions + videos inside.


I teach ISHTA "kriya" style meditation. And, of course, there's a bit of a story behind why. I share it to help you get a feel for the approach + how I teach it in my own way.

get comfortable

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