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Email me to schedule a time for your bodywork session. You can include any questions you have about Thai bodywork.

The Session

Sessions typically take place in my home. I am happy to travel to your home if you can provide a bodywork mat (I can recommend one).


It will likely be most comfortable for you to receive thai bodywork on a relatively empty stomach. Try not to have a large meal 1-2 hours before your session. A small snack in that window is fine.


In Thai bodywork both the recipient and the practitioner are dressed in comfortable clothing that is easy to move in. I recommend wearing long pants and sleeves. Typical yoga attire or even pajamas work fine.


As often as you like! In Thailand, it is not uncommon for visitors to get a Thai massage every day!
Most of my clients schedule their sessions anywhere from once a week to once a month. As with your yoga practice, regularity increases the benefits of a single session over time.

After Effects

My clients typically tell me they feel calm and rejuvenated directly after a session. They report sleeping well! A sense of ease tends to carry over into the days following. It is not common to experience muscle soreness as with some deep tissue massages.

Between Sessions

Breathe easy and live fully!

Is Thai bodywork for Me?

I urge everyone to try Thai bodywork, as I think it is a very special and truly healing practice. Some will immediately appreciate Thai bodywork’s energetic component, sensing very specific and deep connections in the body. Others won’t feel this so strongly, but will nonetheless benefit from an overall feeling of balance after a session. And with regular sessions, everyone’s inner sensing abilities improve!

What Are The Costs?

A one hour session is $100 and a 90 minute session is $135. You can purchase sessions online or in person.


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