Revive Your Glow with Thai Yoga Bodywork

Thai bodywork deliciously reveals the body’s inherent capacity to heal and move towards health.

Sounds pretty amazing, right? It is. Not because of the magic properties of thai bodywork, but because the human body is phenomenally “smart”. Your body really does want you to be healthy, and it will do all it can to move in that direction. Sometimes, though, even a smart body, gets confused and needs help to reset and get back on track.

How Does It Work?

Thai bodywork, or Thai yoga bodywork, works on the body’s energy lines and tissue flow with palming, acupressure, and assisted stretching techniques.

Energy lines (which for the most part run along muscle and connective tissue lines) can become blocked through trauma or daily activity. Blockages can show up in the form of muscle tension and “knots,” which most of us will sense. Sometimes, though, these blocks appear where you don’t notice them, likely because they’re affecting other areas of the body, as well as your mood and energy levels. For this reason, thai bodywork addresses the whole body, moving from the feet up to the head, and doesn’t necessarily target specific areas of tension in the way you might expect.

For example, when a client comes in with shoulder pain, I still start at her feet, and sometimes by the time I get to her shoulders, I find that most of that tension is sorted out from the work I did on her hips! Each treatment is a highly individual process.

My Approach

Some traditional Thai bodywork sessions can follow a fairly set sequence of postures and techniques. My approach tends to be a bit looser in its flow. I start from the feet (as most Thai bodywork sessions do), and then let the body tell me where to go and how much time to spend with a particular part of the body. It’s a fairly intuitive process and my sessions can vary quite a bit not only from client to client, but from session to session.

Ready to Give Your Body a Rest?

Of course you are. Let’s schedule your session!


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