I’m Esther. I teach yoga to all sorts of people.

Together we explore what it means to embrace self and enjoy the process.

My yoga workshops go beyond movement classes (though they include that too) and introduce you into a practice that may just change your perspective… on just about everything.

I teach you how to make “getting to know yourself” a normal, grown up thing to do so you can get on with enjoying being who YOU are.

I’m the Co-Creator of Teacher Training Programs at Yoga 216, including our Functional Anatomy for Yoga Teachers course. My strength lies in crafting courses that teach students how to take charge of their yoga practice (and life!).

I’m also an ISHTA Yoga Senior Teacher with over 4000 hours of experience. ISHTA Yoga is known the world over for its excellent yoga education and training of teachers. I trained directly with master teachers in the ISHTA Yoga lineage, founded by Mani and Alan Finger. My formal training also includes certifications in Prenatal Yoga, Restorative Yoga & Yoga Nidra, ISHTA Marma Therapy (a type of bodywork), Thai Yoga Bodywork, and Anatomy & Kinesiology for movement professionals. My study with Alexander Technique teacher Amira Glaser enormously influences how I teach. I am a student of the self through the lens of the body, and it’s what I can teach you.

I know a whole lot about how the body works. I can teach you how to learn a whole lot about yourself by putting facts right next to personal experiences. (Only YOU can know how you really work.)

And when I’m not teaching, I can be found indulging in charming movies that I’ve seen a hundred times before. My cats indulge with me. Occasionally, my husband, Kris, does too.

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“Even as a beginner I felt immediately comfortable”

“Esther embodies the best of what a yoga teacher can be – someone who holds space for students to experience the energy and journey of their own practice.”

“Esther is great at sharing with her students the idea that yoga is not only about the body, but also about the mind and spirit in a very understandable, non-intimidating, and modern way.”

Move well, live well
A Yoga + Movement Course on the Self

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That’s me, Esther

I teach yoga and champion individuality by teaching you what’s under the hood (thank you, yoga AND science!). Together, we sort through what we can know, what we can’t, and how to work with both. There might be mention of superheroes. And science!


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