I’m Esther, I help people who want to stop being in pain from doing exercise they love, and teach them how to find their way back to movement that feels good!

Quick health fixes and fad workouts fail to help you sort out what brings on pain and what can take it away.

Over the years, I’ve seen time and again that creating a stress-free relationship to exercise and your own well-being takes time, education, and outside guidance.You can build a meaningful connection to your whole-body fitness. With the space to learn, adjust, and adapt, you can shift how you feel in your body when you exercise and as you move through your day. That’s why I create programs to work with you over three months or more. New students, you get a 3-session introduction to make sure we’re a good fit. And then, it’s on!


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Love Your Moves
A Course to Help You Move Beyond Pain

next opening: January 2019

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