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personal yoga guidance online

online yoga

Personal Yoga Guidance… Online! Whether you’re looking to improve mobility, increase strength, or reduce stress, yoga can help! Choose online yoga privates for the convenience of location, time –and the freedom to come to class in your pajamas (that’s my favorite perk!). Just 30-60 minutes each week can be all you need to create alearn more

how yoga works + a little about my approach

how yoga works + a little about my approach

Yoga helps you restore energetic balance The key to yoga’s effectiveness is in figuring out which practices will balance you on any given day, in any given moment. “Balance” is what let’s you feel focused without feeling stressed, joyful without feeling indulgent, rested without feeling sluggish –clear and ready for anything you want to do.continue reading

do I need to prepare for meditation?

meditation podcast: do I need to prepare for meditation?

Just getting started with my meditation podcast? Read this intro guide if you are unsure about how to sit or what meditation is all about.   Today’s Meditation Q: do I need to prepare for meditation? music by hooksounds Meditation Q of the Week Meditation Q8 5 min Q+A: do I need to prepare fortry meditation

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That’s me, Esther

I teach yoga and champion individuality by teaching you what’s under the hood (thank you, yoga AND science!). Together, we sort through what we can know, what we can’t, and how to work with both. There might be mention of superheroes. And science!


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